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  1. Dimmable MR16,Beam angle cover 10D/24D/36D/60D

  2. CRI High to Ra98

  3. Compatible with an absolutely most leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmer

Teco super narrow beam MR16-Pro

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Product Features

High Compatibility

Compatible with absolutely most leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmers

High CRI

Close to the color rendering index of sunlight CRI > 98

Multiple angles available

we delivery 10D / 24D / 36D / 60D beam angles

Flexible trial order support

We support a minimum of 100 trial orders to verify our products

aging test

About Us

  1. Teco Inspired by technology, we aim to offer dimmable LED lighting products with outstanding performance and affordable cost to our customers.

  2. 6 Engineers and 55 operators

  3. Core team member from Philips Lighting EMS

  4. More than 15 years SSL application experience

  5. Focus on Dimmable LED products with high compatibility and best cost efficiency

  6. Driver capacity 20K/day

  7. Lamp capacity 5-8K/day

Why Choose Us

We are a manufacturer specializing in providing traditional spotlights and have been deeply rooted in the development and manufacture of dimmable LED spotlights for 15 years.
FIN_MR16_narrow_Beam front45D

Client Testimonials

“We have been buying Philips Master LED series before buying your products, your service and performance have exceeded my expectation, I think we will have more projects to cooperate in the next year.”
Jason Clarke
Jason Clarke
“Our technical department staff reflect your 7W dimming MR16 with Liviton's dimming system to start the consistency of synchronization to do a good job, I hope to add a full-spectrum series as soon as possible.”
maria ressa
Maria Ressa
“Hi there Chanfone, we are very pleased with the dimmable MR16 lamps. They are selling well. We also sell a lot of non-dimmable MR16 lamps in full glass model. Do you have a full glass model MR16 lamp? If so I would be interested in getting pricing from you. ”
steven soderbergh

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