LED Spotlights

High-Power LED Spotlight

Our high-power LED spotlight is a powerful lighting solution designed for a range of applications, including indoor and outdoor lighting, stage and studio lighting, and more. With a range of color temperatures and beam angles to choose from, this spotlight is a versatile choice for any lighting project.

Adjustable LED Spotlight

Our adjustable LED spotlight is a flexible lighting solution that allows for easy adjustment of the beam angle and intensity. With a sleek and durable design, this spotlight is ideal for accent lighting, retail displays, and more.

Outdoor LED Spotlight

Our outdoor LED spotlight is a weather-resistant lighting solution designed for outdoor use. With a range of wattages and color temperatures available, this spotlight is a reliable and energy-efficient choice for outdoor lighting projects.

LED Dimmers

Analog LED Dimmer

Our analog LED dimmer is a simple and cost-effective way to control the brightness of your LED lighting. With a compact design and easy-to-use controls, this dimmer is ideal for residential and commercial lighting applications.

PWM LED Dimmer

Our PWM LED dimmer allows for precise control of the brightness of your LED lighting, with smooth and flicker-free dimming. With a range of input and output voltage options available, this dimmer is ideal for a variety of lighting projects.


Our DALI LED dimmer is a digital lighting control system that allows for flexible and precise control of individual or groups of LED lights. With advanced programming and automation capabilities, this dimmer is ideal for commercial and industrial lighting applications.

LED Drivers

Constant Voltage LED Driver

Our constant voltage LED driver is a reliable and energy-efficient way to power your LED lighting. With a range of voltage and wattage options available, this driver is suitable for a variety of lighting projects.

Constant Current LED Driver

Our constant current LED driver is a precise and efficient way to power your LED lighting, with built-in protection against overloading and short circuits. With a range of output currents and wattages available, this driver is ideal for high-power LED lighting applications.

Triac Dimmable LED Driver

Our triac dimmable LED driver is designed to work seamlessly with triac dimmer switches, allowing for easy and precise control of your LED lighting. With a compact and durable design, this driver is ideal for residential and commercial lighting projects.

We hope you find the LED spotlights, dimmers, and drivers offered by our company to be high-quality and reliable solutions for your lighting needs. For more information or to place an order, please contact our sales team.

Product showcase

We can supply almost any traditional replaceable spotlight.

Tecolite beam angle adjustable GU10 LED dimmable 7W

GU10 LED dimmable Beam angle Adjustable

Teco GU10 emergency LED dimmable

GU10 LED dimmable Emergency

Teco FIN super narrow beam angle GU10

GU10 LED dimmable Narrow Beam

Teco dimmable LED 5.5W classic glass body

GU10 Classic DIM To Warm

Teco super narrow beam MR16-Pro

MR16 dimmable Narrow beam

FIN_MR16_narrow_Beam front45D

MR16 dimable LED FIN

Teco AR111 18W dimmable

AR111 LED 12V 16W Dim to Warm dimmable


Par30 bulb LED 20W / 30W Dimmable / non-dimmable

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