Ra98,COB 85lm/ w Flicker-free Erp

Zoomable GU10 LED Spotlight

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We supply almost any traditional replaceable spotlight.

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Metal Dimmable LED Modules

Who we are

Established in 2014 with roots in Philips SSL, we bring a decade-plus of expertise to crafting advanced dimming solutions.

Our commitment:

Excellence in Every Detail, Inspired by Technology, Dedicated to Superior Dimming Solutions.

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Who we are

Established in 2014 with roots in Philips SSL, we bring a decade-plus of expertise to crafting advanced dimming solutions.


We tested 120+ dimmers from multiple manufacturers

With a comprehensive review of the global dimmer market, we've tested and evaluated all major brands from across five continents. Our findings will provide you with valuable insight into the best solutions for your lighting needs worldwide.

ABB 6523U, ABB AE412, Aurora AU-DSP 400, Aurora AU-DSP 400X, Atom AT9300A, Berker 2867 10, Berker 2830 10, Bticino MATIX AM5702, British General VKDM400E, British General DM400AP, Busch Jaegar 2200 U-503, Busch Jaegar 6523 U-102, Busch Jaegar 2250U, Click CMA145 MD9022, Clipsal 32E450UD, Clipsal 32E450LM, Clipsal 32E450TM, Clipsal CLDM350TS, Clipsal 31E2RUDM, Clipsal 32ELEDM, Danlers DQDGD MK, Danlers MOD400, ELKO RS16/400, ELKO CCTEL12013, ELKO 630GLE, Eltako EUD61N PN-UC, EUCHIPS Walldim 105, Gira 30500, Gira 3070, Gira System 2000, Hamilton KPQX40, Hamilton H-GDM250W VA, Hamilton 741 XLEDITB100, Jung 225 TDE, Jung 266 GDE, Jung 254 UDE, Jung 244 HEX, Kopp 8002, Kopp 8428, Kopp 8085, Kopp 8033, Knightbridge PS2161, Legrand 78405, Legrand Niloe 6 651 17, Legrand 281080, Legrand Cat 400T, Legrand 67085, Leviton LEV71906MOD, LK 506N5114, LUMEX LT1D450LS GEN2, MK K4501, MK K152WHILV, MK K14532BSS, MK GX8501 WHI, NIKO 310-01900, Panasonic WEJ57515, Relco RL1724, Relco RT65R0A, REV H1 66013, Robus RLA200DT-01, Schneider ALB45192, Schneider E8331RD250_WG_C1, Schneider MTN577199, Schneider MTN5135-0000, Schneider CCT011533, Schneider WDE002311, Schneider WDE002319, Schneider E3031HD, Schneider Rocca, SAL SDA450, SAL SDD350TCM, Star Trading 399-01, Unitec 42074L, VADSBO LD 220, VADSBO VD220, VARILIGHT HQ3W, VARILIGHT JQP401W, VARILIGHT V-Pro Z1J400M, WUYUNELEK W13-C192, Zano ZGRID500

Advantages of TECO


Tecolite production is flexible and will meet your requirement of ordering varying quantities.

Professional Craftsmanship

Our 15-years’ experience in the lighting field speaks for itself. All our team members are highly skilled and talented.


We guarantee you the affordable price and highest quality among all the manufacturers.

Customization Capability

We can adjust the wattage, color temperatures, beam angles, and various other features.

Customer Service

Flexibility to provide customised services, we also provide full online and onsite technical support and customer service.

Five-Year Warranty

Each product can comes with an extraordinary 5-year warranty.

Our Certificates

Our products have passed CE, CB, RoHS,  LM80 certification

Teco CE certification 01




Teco MR16 premium RoHS certification


Teco CB report


Teco COB LM80 report


Our Exhibition

We have participated in various famous lighting fairs worldwide, such as light+building in Frankfurt, MATELEC in Madrid, Light Middle East in Dubai, and HK lighting Fair in Hong Kong.

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2023 Autumn Hong Kong Exhibition P2 600*400.png
2023 Autumn Hong Kong Exhibition P7 600*400.png
2023 Autumn Hong Kong Exhibition P6 600*400.png
2023 Autumn Hong Kong Exhibition P5 600*400.png
2023 Autumn Hong Kong Exhibition P1 600*400.png

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