TECO LED PAR30 Floodlight 60 Degree E27 Base 32W 4000K 3200LM

  • PAR30 with over-temperature protection
  • VOLTAGE: 220-240Vac
  • WATTAGE: 32W
  • LUMENS: 2500lm/2800lm
  • CCT: 3000K/4000K
  • CRI: Ra80
  • SOCKET: E27 Base
  • LAMP HOURS: 25,000 hrs


Featuring a high CRI of 80+ and high lumens of 3200, Tecolite PAR30 is available in 15D, 24D, 30D or 60D options. Ideal for accent lighting such as track lighting and wall-mounted fixtures, the bright light creates a focal point and can help you highlight architectural elements, artwork, and rare collectibles. The 60° flood beam is ideal for outdoor lighting fixtures in courtyards and landscapes, and is fully encapsulated to prevent moisture.

Type Base E27 E27
Watt ±10% 32W 22W
Volt 220-240Vac 220-240Vac
Flux ±10% 3000l,3200lm 1900lm,2000lm
CCT 3000K,4000K 3000K,4000K
CRI Ra80 Ra80
Beam Anger 15D/24D/36D/60D 15D/24D/36D/60D
Power Factor 0.9 0.8
Dimmable Non-Dimmable Triac Dimmable
Flicker Filker-free Flicker-free
Dimension(W*H mm) 125*95 125*95
Color Consistency 3 Step MacAdam Ellipse 5 Step MacAdam Ellipse


Optical Testing

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PAR stands for “Parabolic Aluminized Reflector.” It refers to a type of lamp or light bulb that utilizes a parabolic reflector to control and direct the light output. PAR lamps are commonly used in various applications, including stage and studio lighting, outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, and more.

  • Stage Lighting: PAR cans are a staple in stage lighting setups for concerts, theater productions, and live events. They can be used to create different lighting effects, highlight performers, and set the mood on stage.
  • Spotlighting: PAR cans are often used to provide strong, focused beams of light to highlight specific areas, objects, or individuals. Their adjustable beam angles allow for precise spotlighting.
  • Color Wash: By using colored filters or gels, PAR cans can produce a wide range of colors. This makes them ideal for creating colorful washes of light on stages or walls, adding to the visual atmosphere of an event.
  • Architectural Lighting: PAR cans are used in architectural lighting to accentuate the features of buildings, structures, and outdoor landscapes. They can be employed to illuminate facades, statues, fountains, and more.
  • Event Lighting: PAR cans are commonly used for weddings, parties, corporate events, and other gatherings to create a dynamic and visually appealing environment. They can be strategically placed to enhance the ambiance of the event space.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Due to their robust construction, PAR cans can also be used for outdoor lighting applications. They are often used to illuminate outdoor stages, park performances, and open-air events.
  • Photography and Filmmaking: PAR cans can be used in photography and filmmaking to provide controlled shooting lighting. They can create specific lighting effects and complement other lighting sources.

LED PAR lights combine light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with a parabolic reflector design. LEDs emit light when powered by an electric current. The parabolic reflector focuses and directs this light into a controlled beam. LED PAR lights can have RGB or RGBW LEDs for color mixing. They’re controlled through systems like DMX, allowing for precise color, intensity, and effect adjustments. LED technology’s energy efficiency and directional control make these lights popular for spotlighting and various lighting effects in stages, events, and more.

DiameterApprox. 2.5 inches (20/8 inches)Approx. 3.75 inches (30/8 inches)Approx. 4.75 inches (38/8 inches)
Beam AngleNarrower beam angleVersatile beam angle, balanced
for general and spot lighting
Wider beam angle
ApplicationAccent lighting, track lighting
Focused illumination
General lighting, track lighting
Architectural applications
Flood lighting, wide-area illumination
Larger spaces


  • Versatility: PAR lamps come in various sizes, beam angles, and color options, offering flexibility for different lighting scenarios.

  • Intense Illumination: PAR lamps deliver powerful, focused light, ensuring performers and set elements are prominently lit.

  • Beam Control: Their parabolic reflector design allows precise beam shaping, highlighting specific areas without unwanted spillage.

  • Color Possibilities: Many PAR lamps feature color mixing or color filters, enabling a wide range of vibrant lighting effects.

  • Sturdy Build: Designed for the demands of touring productions, PAR lamps are rugged and dependable.

  • Easy Operation: Their straightforward setup and adjustment make PAR lamps user-friendly for both experts and novices.

  • Affordability: Compared to some specialized fixtures, PAR lamps offer cost-effective lighting solutions.

  • Compatibility: They work with various control systems and dimming technologies, ensuring seamless integration.

  • Wide Applications: PAR lamps excel in stage, event, architectural, and outdoor lighting, providing consistency in diverse settings.

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