TECO LED GU10 Bulbs Manufacturing Process


The zoomable GU10 LED lamp stands out as a highly versatile and efficient lighting solution, widely embraced in various settings such as homes, commercial spaces, and industrial environments. Characterized by its standard GU10 lamp head, this LED light is remarkably easy to install and replace. Its interior boasts a flicker-free constant current drive power supply, and the lamp body is crafted from die-cast aluminum. The heart of this lamp is its COB (Chip on Board) chip, and it’s complemented by a lens made of durable PC material, enhancing its functionality and longevity.

Manufacturing Process

1.Raw Material Preparation

  • COB Chip: It has the characteristics of high color rendering index, uniform light emission, and no spot. It is simple to install and easy to use, which reduces the difficulty of lamp design and saves lamp processing and subsequent maintenance costs.
  • Flicker-Free Constant Current Driver: Provides smooth, consistent light output, increases efficiency, and helps extend lamp life.
  • Heat Sink: The radiator is responsible for dissipating the heat generated by the LED chip to prevent the LED chip from overheating.
  • Encapsulation Materials: These materials safeguard the LED chip and other internal components from environmental factors and physical damage.
  • PC Lens: It has the characteristics of durability, high light transmittance and adjustable beam angle, which can meet different lighting needs.
  • Die-cast Aluminum Lamp Cup: It has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity, high strength and light weight. It can effectively conduct the heat generated by the LED chip out and prevent the LED chip from overheating.

2.LED Chip Packaging

  • Precise attachment of the LED chip to the substrate, followed by soldering gold wires for connectivity and sealed with protective materials.

3.Drive Power Supply Assembly

  • Assembling the circuit board, components, and heat sink, with a focus on enabling smooth dimming capabilities. Electrical tests confirm proper function.

4.Lamp Body Assembly

The above raw materials are precision assembled to ensure that the final product meets all functional and aesthetic standards.


  • Dimming Capability Test: Specific tests to assess the smoothness and range of the dimming function.
  • Luminous Flux Test: This ensures the lamp’s brightness meets specific standards.
  • Color Temperature Test: Verifies that the lamp’s color temperature aligns with requirements.
  • Color Rendering Index Test: Confirms the lamp’s ability to render colors accurately.
  • Reliability Testing: Assesses the lamp’s longevity and durability under various conditions.

Application Scenarios

1.Home Lighting

The zoomable GU10 LED lamp is perfect for localized or decorative lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and studies, offering versatility and style.

2.Commercial Lighting

Ideal for display or accent lighting in shopping malls, hotels, and offices, where focused illumination enhances the ambiance and highlights specific areas.


With its standard GU10 lamp head, flicker-free dimming, efficient heat dissipation, and high-quality COB chip, the dimmable GU10 LED light is an exemplary product in the LED lighting industry. Its adjustable beam angle and robust PC lens make it a versatile choice for numerous applications, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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