What is the best CRI for LED lights?

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What is the best CRI for LED lights? 4

What CRI Means

CRI (Color Rendering Index) means Colour Rendering Index, which is a measure of how accurately and realistically a light source displays colours.CRI ranges from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating that the light source’s performance in displaying the colours of an object is closer to that of natural light, and the colours are more realistically rendered.CRI is one of the most important parameters for evaluating the quality of lighting, especially in applications where accurate colour judgement is required, such as healthcare, art galleries, retail stores, and home lighting. CRI is an important parameter for evaluating lighting quality, especially in applications where accurate colour judgement is required, such as healthcare, art galleries, retail shops and home lighting.

Why CRI is important

CRI (Colour Rendering Index) is important because it has a direct impact on how we perceive colours in our surroundings, which in turn affects our mood, behaviour and even our health. Here are a few key points on the importance of CRI:

  • Realistic rendering of colour: A light source with a high CRI reflects the original colours of objects more realistically, making the environment look more natural and comfortable. This is especially critical in the retail industry, where high CRI lighting can more accurately display the colour of goods and attract customers to buy.
  • Improve spatial aesthetics: In interior design, high CRI light sources can better show the true colours of wall paints and furniture, thus enhancing the overall aesthetics and coordination of the space.
  • Enhance visual comfort: Higher CRI light source reduces eye fatigue due to colour distortion, which helps to create a more visually comfortable environment, which is especially important for people who work and study for long hours in places such as offices or schools.
  • Improve work efficiency: In occupations that require accurate colour judgement, such as printing, painting and design, a high CRI light source can provide a more accurate colour reference, helping to improve work quality and efficiency.
  • Promote health: Studies have shown that natural light or high CRI light source has a positive impact on human psychology and physiology, which can improve mood, increase the sense of well-being, and even help to regulate the biological clock and improve the quality of sleep.

Therefore, whether from the perspective of aesthetics, functionality or health, it is very important to choose a light source with high CRI.

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What is the best CRI for LED lights? 5

The impact of CRI on LED lights:

Traditional LED lights usually have a CRI between 70 and 80, which is sufficient for general home lighting and commercial lighting. However, for application scenarios that require precise colour judgement, such as art galleries, jewellery shops, printing presses, etc., it is necessary to use LED lamps with a higher CRI, usually above 90.

  • Visual effect: LED lamps with high CRI can better reproduce the original colour of objects, making colours look more vivid and natural and improving the visual experience.
  • Application range: The CRI determines the application range of LED lights. LED lights with high CRI are more suitable for occasions with high colour requirements.
  • Cost and energy efficiency: Usually, the higher the CRI, the higher the production cost of LED lights. At the same time, high CRI LED lamps may sacrifice a certain amount of energy efficiency while maintaining good colour rendering.

Therefore, when choosing LED lights, the desired CRI level should be determined according to the specific application requirements. For home lighting, a CRI of 80 or higher will suffice, while for professional or display purposes, LED lights with a CRI of 90 or higher may be required.

TECO GU10 with Excellent Colour Rendering Performance

TECO GU10 LED bulbs usually have a high CRI value, CRI>90, which means that they can accurately render colours, making the colours of objects look more natural and vivid. It is suitable for places where accurate colour presentation is required, such as art galleries, exhibition rooms, jewellery shops, and accent lighting areas in the home. In addition to excellent colour rendering performance, TECO GU10 LED bulbs are also energy efficient and have a long life span, which makes them more cost-effective in the long term.Designed as a standard GU10 holder, the TECO GU10 is easy to install and is compatible with most existing GU10 fixtures, making it easy for users to replace and upgrade.

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